Our Value Proposition

SP-ed brings the benefits of standardized patient education to all educators and trainers within health systems, medical centers and community practices. It uniquely offers real-time standardized patient interactions to any clinician with an Internet-connected device and can improve patient outcomes by fundamentally changing the way they engage with their patients during both in-office and telehealth visits.


With the exponential increase in telemedicine and the focus on incorporating shared decision-making practices into each patient encounter, SP training will be a unique and valuable component of professional development with benefits that include:

Case-based Learning

Brings to life the didactic and case-based learning.
One-to-one Training

Offers one-to-one training within an efficient, scalable & cost-effective model.
Telehealth Practice

Allows clinicians to safely and conveniently practice their telehealth skills from any location.

Extended Interaction
Meaningfully extends telehealth training beyond technical platform mastery.
Focus on Individualized Care
Encourages reflection and increased interest in delivering individualized care to their patients.
Improved Retention
Improves overall impact of the time invested in training and education.